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Will You Site be a BIG SUCCESS. 7 Reason Why It Might Not!

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Web Site design TIPS
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With so many new websites going up, it is hard sometimes to tell if your site will be a BIG SUCCESS or an unexpected flop? If you are unsure of whether or not your site will fly with visitors or crash and burn, this article is definitely for you. Now we all know the importance of great service, but if your website doesn't communicate this, then you could be headed for failure.

7 Reason Why Your Website May Be a BIG FLOP!

1. Long Load Times.

If your websites takes more then 30 seconds to load, especially on DSL/Cable then visitors will leave your website, it is as simple as that. You must remember that people want information and they want it yesterday (I know, I know). Since it is so easy to get information from many other sites online, you must make sure that they can get it from your site first and that they can get it quickly. This will keep them coming back to your website everyday, since it is so easy to get what they want.

2. Bad Navigation.

Your Navigation should be located in a easy to access area that the visitor can easily get to as soon as they reach your site. Areas include the top of the page, just below the header and to the left of the page. Navigation that is hard to find will leave a visitor feeling frustrated every time they come to the site. Even though they may get use to its unusual placement, they may not come back to get use to it!

3. Un-finished Pages.

There is nothing worse then coming to a website that has just had a new design done on it(even if it looks great) and finding out that even though the links are active, there is nothing on those sub pages. Of course a nice "coming soon" text can work to let them know the page is coming soon, it does serve us both best if the page and its content are actually there. So make sure all the pages are ready to go before you upload the new site.

4. Bad Color Combination.

All I have to say about this is live green, blue, brown and red may work in some way on a site design but I can't imagine it looking good. Make sure to use colors that jive well with each other, that compliment each other and that doesn't hurt or strain the eyes. One thing to make sure is that if you use a light color on the background then make sure to use a dark text and vice-versa. This will make it easier on all of us to read what is on your website.

5. No Contact Information.

We must all be in touch in one way or another. Well sort of! You Must have contact information on your site, it doesn't have to be on the front page, but it should be at least on its own page. This will give visitors a way to get in touch with you if they need to ask you a question about your site or product.

6. Old Dates/Updated Often.

Make sure you update your site often. People come to your site for updated information, if what was on your site last week, is still there today, they probably won't be coming back. Make sure old dates are taking off as well as new dates are entered correctly. This is extremely important if your site has to do with events going on in the community.

7. Script Errors.

Finally, make sure you test every part of your website, especially when it comes to scripts. Also have it set up so that if a script error happens you catch it before too many of your visitors do. This can be done by either checking the site each day(or a few times a day) or by having an automated email sent to you when someone experiences a error on the site.

I hope these tips help you build a Successful Website!

Anthony Jewell has over 6 Years experience in the Web & Graphics World. You can visit my business at

©Copyright 2005 : Feel free to use this article freely but please keep in the copyright


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