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Increase Sales on Your Website! Use Graphics!

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Web Site design TIPS
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How many times have you clicked on a website only to find a screen full of text? You read a large-scale headline and then all you see is text, much like reading a letter. You scan down the page looking for something to attract your attention.

Do you know what you're really looking for? You're looking, subconciously or not, for a picture to show you what's in the web site. You want to "see" what you're getting into.

A website without graphics is losing a major portion of the audience it's owner hopes to attract. Think about it for a moment. Whenever you are reading, your mind's eye is creating visual images of the perception of the words you are reading.

There are three main areas to which the use of graphics should be applied. The first is a graphic header. This is typically the first area of your site a prospect sees. It must be powerful enough to grab the prospects attention and hang on for dear life. Once a prospect clicks on your site you've got approximately 8 seconds to entice him to continue reading. There's no better way to grab his attention with a picture.

The second area that requires graphics to increase effectiveness is your product or service. Regardless of what you're selling there must be a graphic to promote it. What if you don't sell a tangible product? Let's use membership sites as an example. You're selling a private membership. Increase your sales by simply showing a graphic of a "membership card". This will make your prospect feel like he's going to be a member of a special club. People love to feel "special."

It doesn't matter whether what you're selling is tangible or not, there's always a graphic you can use to depict what it is you're promoting. Remember people buy based upon emotion. Pictures always activate emotion.

The third area often overlooked is the background graphic of your site. Well designed, with properly chosen colors this area will automatically set the mood for whatever you're offering. Again, the emotion must be activated.

These three areas of your website 1) graphic header 2) product e-cover and 3) background graphics when professionally designed and implemented can greatly boost sales and profits from your site.

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