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Mon. October 03, 2022

Katrina's pet sitting service Akron, Ohio


Available pet sitting services:

Katrina's pet sitting dog sitting cat sitting house sitting Pet sitting 2 hr a day visits.

Katrina's pet sitting dog sitting cat sitting house sitting Live in pet sitting 8 hrs a day while you enjoy your vacation.

   Placing your pet in a boarding kennel can expose your pet to many undesirable diseases, as well as emotional trauma. Keep your pet in it's natural friendly environment while you are away on vacation or business.

Pet sitters do much more than provide your pet with food and water while you're away from home. A good pet sitter also spends quality time with your pet, gives him exercise, and knows how to tell if your pet needs veterinary attention. What's more, pet sitters typically offer additional services, such as bringing in mail and newspapers, watering plants, turning lights on and off, and providing homes with a lived-in look to deter crime.

When you must be away from home for travel or an emergency, and don't want to leave your pet in a boarding kennel, who takes care of your pet? If you're like many pet owners, you ask a friend or neighbor to stop in to feed and water your pet. But is this what's best for your pet? There's a good chance that your friends and neighbors lack proper pet-care experience and have even forgotten to show up. They may also resent frequent requests to look after your pet while you're gone. Consider hiring a "pet sitter" to care for your pet.

A pet sitter offers both you and your pet many benefits.

Katrina's pet sitting dog sitting cat sitting house sitting Your pet benefits:
By enjoying the friendly normal home environment with less stress.
The same diet and routine.
Less stress from traveling to and staying in an unfamiliar place with other animals (such as a boarding kennel).
Loving care and attention while you're away.

Katrina's pet sitting dog sitting cat sitting house sitting You're benefits:
Happier friends and neighbors, who aren't burdened with caring for your pet.
The peace of mind that comes from knowing that your pet is being cared for by a reliable, caring, real person.
Someone to bring in your newspaper and mail so potential burglars don't know you're away.
Someone who will come to your home so you don't have to drive your pet to a boarding kennel.
Someone who will actually spend time playing with and exercising your pet
Other services like plant watering and pet grooming.

Katrina's pet sitting dog sitting cat sitting house sitting Pet owner tips:
Make reservations with your pet sitter early, especially during the holidays.
Make sure your pet is well socialized and permits strangers to handle him.
Affix current identification tags to your pet's collar.
Maintain current vaccinations for your pet.
Leave clear instructions detailing specific pet-care responsibilities and emergency contact information, including how to reach you and your veterinarian.
Leave pet food and supplies in one place.
Buy extra pet supplies in case you're away longer than planned.
Leave a key with a trustworthy neighbor as a backup, and give him and your pet sitter each other's phone numbers. Be sure those extra keys work before giving them out.
Show the pet sitter your home's important safety features such as the circuit breaker and security system.






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