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$3.00 = 30 day text ad up to 250 characters

$5.00 = 30 day side banner ad sizes up to 200x200 for tall skyscraper add an additional package for each additional 200 pixels. Example 501 to 750 pixels = 3 ad slots at $5.00 per ad slot total = $15.00



$9.00 = PREMIUM 468x60 banner slide with $10.00 back upon removal.



  1. Only if you have made an automated payment to us without first contacting us. Send us a copy of your payment receipt.
  2. Include your ready to paste ad in html format.
  3. Banner rotator codes are acceptable but all graphic displays must conform to our terms and quality standards for general audiences.

If you have any questions or need clarifications please take the time to contact us first.

Please understand that we have a
Make sure the details that you have provided to us are accurate and complete.
We can not and will not be responsible for you providing incomplete and or incorrect information to us. All communication must be in ENGLISH only.
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$10.00 us is sent to your account when your ad is REMOVED??


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NO refunds will be issued at any time for any reason. You must accept and comply with our terms at all times. All ads must be suitable for general audiences no exception. We reserve the right at any time to remove any ad that we deem inappropriate for any reason without refund. Ads that fail to display for more than 24 hours will be removed. You are responsable for all image hosting and the availability of your ad for display. Ads may not link to any content that we deem inappropriate including nudity, illegal downloads, hacking, hate, virus, phishing, malware, copyright infringement, etc.. Rotating banner scripts are acceptable on a case by case approval if at any time a banner displays any violating content your complete code will be removed.  If you see any inappropriate ads please contact us immediately and report the details to us. These terms are subject to change at any time.