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OfficeJax used office furnishings, tools, supplies, bicycles, diecast collectables used vehicles in akron ohio

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PSN Down, Not Working? PS4 Services Are Currently Unavailable  Newsweek

The PlayStation Network is currently down, affecting multiple functions on the *service*, including the PlayStation Store, account management and more.

15 Best PS3 Games | The Essential PlayStation 3 Titles  Cultured Vultures

It's kinda crazy when you remember how much quality was on the third PlayStation, which is why we're discussing the best PS3 games.

FIFA 20 Doesn't Look Like It'll Kick Off on the PS3  Push Square

You may not believe it, but FIFA 19 launched on the PlayStation 3. The soccer simulation released in cash-grabbing Legacy Edition form, of course, but it was ...

Last of Us and Uncharted PS3 multiplayer servers to shut down  The Independent

The Last of Us and Uncharted games on PlayStation 3 are about to have their multiplayer modes shut down. The servers powering the multiplayer games have ...

The Last of Us, Uncharted 2, and Uncharted 3 PS3 Multiplayer Servers Going Offline This Year  IGN

After nearly 10 years, Naughty Dog will be taking down the multiplayer servers for Uncharted 2: Among Theives, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, The Last of Us, ...

PS5 details: Everything we know about release date, price, games, more  Polygon

Sony's next-generation console — unofficially known as the PlayStation 5 — is on the way. Here's what we know about its hardware and games, its price and ...

Metal Gear Solid 4 is the Perfect Goodbye to the Playstation 3  Kotaku UK

This retrospective was published a few months ago when Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots became the last-ever Playstation Plus game for PS3.

Get Yourself a Physical Copy of Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty (on the PlayStation 3)  PlayStation LifeStyle

Limited Run Games has announced it will be selling a physical release of the Oddworld New n Tasty PS3 port. Of course, supply will be extremely limited.

E3 2019: PS5 Will Cost $800, Jokes Analyst Michael Pachter in Wild Prediction  Push Square

Michael Pachter probably doesn't believe that the PlayStation 5 will retail for $800 at launch, but he does think it will be very expensive. Asked to make a wild ...

E3 2019: Ni No Kuni coming to Switch, Remaster to PC, PS4  GameZone

Fans of Ghibli movies can rejoice, as Bandai Namco is planning to bring the lovely PS3 JPRG to modern platforms in form of a remaster of Ni No Kuni for the PC ...

February is the last month PlayStation Plus subscribers can get free games on PlayStation 3 and PS Vita  Business Insider

February will bring the final batch of free PS3 and Vita games for PS+ subscribers, including "Metal Gear Solid 4."

PlayStation Boss Explains What Went Wrong With the PS3

Sony Interactive Entertainment is on top of the gaming world at the moment with the PS4. But this wasn't always the case. Just last-generation, Sony was playing ...

PlayStation Plus free games for March ditch PS3 and PS Vita  SlashGear

Sony has revealed the free PlayStation Plus games for March and the list of free games is a fair bit shorter than we're used to seeing. That's because Sony has.

India vs Pakistan TV channel: How to watch Cricket World Cup showdown  Express

INDIA play Pakistan in front of a capacity Cricket World Cup crowd at Old Trafford. With a vast audience tuning in around the world, Express Sport explains how ...

Sony to End Customer Support For PlayStation 3 and PSP Soon  SegmentNext

Sony PlayStation Japan has announced that after-sales repair services for PlayStation 3 (PS3) and PlayStation Portable will be ending soon.

PlayStation Plus will end PS3 and PS Vita free games in early 2019  SlashGear

Sony has sent an email to PlayStation Plus subscribers with a reminder many customers may have missed the first time around: it will stop offering PlayStation 3.

PlayStation: How the PS3's Mistakes Made the PS4 a Better Console  Den of Geek US

Sony calls the PlayStation 3 its "Icarus moment" and reveals how it affected the company.

The Outer Worlds Preview - E3 2019  New Game Network

Coming out of the E3 2019 Xbox Media Briefing, I turned to my colleague and told him how excited I was to see The Outer Worlds. He smiled and showed me a ...

Free PS Plus Games Released For February 2019 (PS4, PS3, PS Vita)  GameSpot

January is dead, long live February. The shortest and sweetest month is set to bring an all new line-up of free PS4, PS3, and PS Vita games for PlayStation Plus ...

The PS3 Has Sold Over 87.4 Million Units as of March 31, 2017  PlayStation LifeStyle

Following the publication of its latest financial report, Sony Corporation updated hardware and software sales figures for its PlayStation family. While the PS4 ...

25 Underrated PS3 Games  Den of Geek US

You know the must-have PlayStation 3 games, but have you played these underrated titles?

PlayStation Plus gave out more than $1,500 in free games. Were they worth it?  Polygon

Sony delivered 76 video games for all of its platforms to PlayStation Plus subscribers in 2018 — PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Were they any ...

Looking Back on the PlayStation 3 | Video Game | Console | PS3  Kidzworld

The PlayStation 3 was a console with plenty of highs and lows. Head on over to Kidzworld to reflect on this great machine with us.

Sony will no longer offer PlayStation 3 and Vita games with PlayStation Plus  KnowTechie

Each month, Sony offers a variety of free games for PlayStation Plus members that include PlayStation 4 games, PlayStation 3, and even Vita games. It's a pretty ...

Minecraft Support Officially Axed on PS3, PS Vita  Push Square

Minecraft's final update – which includes support for the Nightmare Before Christmas mash-up pack – has been released on the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, ...

Multiplayer-only Warhawk for PS3 gets three-month stay of execution  Polygon

Warhawk, along with PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Twisted Metal and Sound Shapes, will lose multiplayer support on Jan. 31, 2019. It effectively ends ...

PlayStation 4 Has Now Outsold the PS3 | ScreenRant  Screen Rant

Sony reports the PlayStation 4 has sold 86.1 million units, moving ahead of the PlayStation 3 to become the company's third best-selling console.

New System Update For PS3 Released

Nothing says priorities like a system update for a system that released over 12 years ago. Sony out of nowhere released a new firmware update for the ...

Sony drops PS3, Vita from PS Plus subscriptions

Sony has confirmed it is to cease offering PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita games through its PlayStation Plus 'free' games offer starting next month, effectively ...

December 2018's PS Plus Games Announced By Sony  GameSpot

Each month gives PS Plus members a cause to celebrate, and December will be no different. That's because PlayStation Plus members will soon get a new ...

PS3 Game Shutting Down Servers Earlier Than Promised [Update]  Kotaku

Warhawk is a third-person military shooter that came out on PS3 in 2007. Over a decade before Call of Duty thought to do it, Warhawk ditched the standard ...

PlayStation Plus free games for January 2019: Steep, Portal Knights, and more  BGR

There are few franchises I miss more than the SSX snowboarding games. In fact, the SSX reboot was one of my favorite games of 2012, but I haven't spent much ...

The PS3’s System Software Update Version 4.84 Keeps It Alive and Kicking  PlayStation LifeStyle

The newest PS3 Update will include system performance enhancements to make your experience more enjoyable.

Getting the most out of your PlayStation 3 in 2018  Destructoid

We ran this in February, but we loved it so much we bumped it again for those who missed it. Enjoy! -Niero] The figures are out, and the PlayStation 4 is already ...

PSN Down: PlayStation Network error code 8002a537 and PS3 Sign in issues  Express

THE PSN is down for some PS4 and PS3 gamers tonight, with a new PlayStation Network error stopping some console owners accessing core online features.

Free PS4/PS3/Vita PlayStation Plus Games For January 2019 Out Now  GameSpot

The January PlayStation Plus games lineup has been revealed. PS4 is getting Steep and Portal Knights. Meanwhile, PS3 is getting Zone of the Enders HD ...

Online Servers For Three PS3 Games Are Shutting Down Next Month  International Business Times

The PlayStation 3 is nearly 12 years old and gaming has changed significantly since it launched. That being said, it's no surprise that it was recently discovered ...

PlayStation Plus is getting rid of free PS3 and Vita games in March 2019  The Verge

PlayStation Plus might be a little worse of a deal starting next year, with Sony announcing that it'll no longer be offering free PS3 games and Vita games through ...

Ever buy an original PS3? Sony may owe you $65  CNET

Sony's "OtherOS" class-action settlement could mean money in your pocket.

Sony keeping Warhawk, other PS3 game servers live through January [Updated]  Ars Technica

[Update (Nov. 2, 2018): Following the publication of the report below, Sony appears to have extended the server shutdown dates for the affected games through ...

25 underrated PS3 games that deserve more love  Den of Geek UK

You know the must-have PS3 games, but have you played these underrated titles?

'Phat' PS3 Owners Have Until April 15 to Claim $65  PC Magazine

If you own one of the so-called "phat" PlayStation models then Sony will pay you $65 as part of its "OtherOS" settlement.

PlayStation 5 Backward Compatibility Won’t Run PS3 Games, Here’s Why  Fossbytes

According to a recent news, the PlayStation 5 Backwards Compatibility won't feature in the older PlayStation 3 games. The news comes from Reddit, where a ...

HBO is Ending Support For The PS3 & Xbox 360  Cord Cutters News, LLC

If you use an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 for HBO you will need a new device soon. HBO has announced that in January they will be ending support for their apps ...

Last Chance For December's Free PS Plus Games (PS4, PS3, Vita)  GameSpot

December will soon be coming to a close, which means PlayStation Plus subscribers are running out of time to grab this month's free games. Add them to your ...

Warhawk and More PS3 Games Latest to Suffer Sony's Online Server Purge  Push Square

Sony is in the habit of shutting down online multiplayer on some games recently. Just this week, we heard news that the plug is being pulled on Drawn to Death ...

Sony Planning To End Support For PS3 And PSP Soon  Player.One

Sony announces that it will end its user support for the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Portable soon.

PlayStation Plus is dropping PS3 and PS Vita freebies starting March  Techaeris

PlayStation announces they will stop offering PlayStation 3 and PS Vita games come March 8, 2019 to those who are subscribed to PlayStation Plus.

How to move game save files from your PS3 to PlayStation Now on PS4  TechRadar

Revisit PS3 greats like Fallout 3 and Red Dead Redemption on your PS4.

PS Now's PS3 Games Can't Be Downloaded, 'Not Compatible' with PS4  Push Square

This isn't living - PlayStation Now's massive new change means that members in the USA can now download PS4 and PS2 games ...

PS Plus Games Announced For November 2018  GameSpot

Bulletstorm and Yakuza headline this month's free games for PS4, PS3, and PS Vita.

FIFA 19 is launching for PS3 and Xbox 360  Polygon

FIFA 19 is launching on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One — as well as Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

PSN name changes are ‘coming soon’  Polygon

Sony confirmed that PS4 users will be able to change their PlayStation Network ID as part of a beta in 2018. All PS4 users will be able to change their PSN ...

15 PlayStation 3 Games That Are Totally Overrated (And 15 That Are Worth A Second Look)  The Gamer

The PlayStation 3 had many games dealt both a good and bad hand by critics and gamers. Here are some overvalued titles, and some underrated gems.

Over 9 Years After Its Announcement, Rockstar's Promised PS3 Exclusive Agent Is Abandoned  Push Square

Those of you with good memories may remember Agent, a project that, back in the day, was set to be a PlayStation 3 exclusive from Grand Theft Auto and Red ...

RIP, PlayStation 3: Sony Officially Ends PS3 Production And Shipments In Japan  Tech Times

It's official: Sony is ending PlayStation 3 production in Japan. However, there's no word on whether PS3 shipments will cease in other gaming markets, including ...

Last Chance For PS4's Free PS Plus Free Games Of September 2018  GameSpot

September is almost over, but PlayStation Plus members can still head to the PSN to pick up their free PS4, PS3, and PS Vita games. This month has some ...

PlayStation 4 sales pass over 82 million, nearing PS3’s lifetime numbers  VentureBeat

Sony released its financial results for the first quarter of 2018, revealing that lifetime sales for the PlayStation 4 are now at 82.2 million.

PS5 patent teases PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4 backwards compatibility  TweakTown

Sony Japan has reportedly just registered a new patent that would allow for full backwards compatibility on its next-gen PlayStation 5 console from "previous ...

The COD Modern Warfare 3 fans who prefer to play on PS3 than buy into Black Ops 4 on PS4  GamesRadar

Jacob and Brandon are two 16-year olds in Ontario, and they're working day and night to resurrect Modern Warfare 3. Every couple of days, they post a missive ...

Sony will soon stop PS3 production and shipments in Japan  Engadget

Sony is ready to lay the PlayStation 3 to rest, a little over 10 years after the first model was released. Gematsu and Japanese website Gamestalk have discovere.

Get Your Free PS Plus Games For October: PS4, PS3, PS Vita  GameSpot

Time's running out for PS Plus members to download October's free PS4, PS3, and PS Vita games from the PlayStation Store. The games in question are Friday ...

Full List of PS3 Games  TrueTrophies

On this page, you can find a full list of PlayStation 3 (PS3) games that were released physically at retail or via digital download on the PlayStation Store.

How to Build Your Own (Better) PlayStation Classic on PS3, PSP, or PS Vita  DualShockers

If the lineup of games on PlayStation Classic didn't meet your expectations, here are 20 classics you can pick up on the older PlayStation systems.

PS Plus February 2019 WARNING: Free PS4 games and PlayStation Plus countdown  Express

PS Plus February 2019 free games are just around the corner, with the official PS4 PlayStation Plus release just days away, and also another massive change ...

PlayStation Plus Will Stop Making PS3 and Vita Games for Free in March  Bleeding Cool News

Sony sent out a notice over the weekend reminding certain PlayStation Plus subscribers, as well as others who weren't aware, about changes to free games.

Sony President Yoshida Says PS3 Price Reveal Was 'Horrifying'  Game Rant

The President of Sony's Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, speaks up to say that the tech company's PlayStation 3 price reveal was a 'horrifying moment'.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale loses online multiplayer at the end of October  Polygon

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Sony's lukewarm execution of a Smash Bros. concept, will have its online multiplayer shut down at the end of October, the ...

Warhawk Fans Are Furious with Sony for Shutting Servers  Push Square

The iconic PlayStation 3 multiplayer game Warhawk will go offline later this week, after Sony announced a new round of server shutdowns last month. However ...

The PlayStation Classics: Folklore  PlayStation LifeStyle

In this installment of The PlayStation Classics, learn more about the Folklore PS3 game. It is a great game to play around the holidays, due to its free and festive ...

Work Is Officially Ending on the PS3 and Vita Versions of Minecraft  PlayStation LifeStyle

Sad news for those of you still hanging on to your PlayStation 3 and Vita. All production is officially ending on the last-gen versions of Minecraft, developer 4J ...

PS Plus is changing next year, and you could miss out on free games  T3

Starting early next year, Playstation Plus subscribers will no longer receive PS3 and PS Vita titles as part of the monthly free games bundled with a membership.

Flower, the 2009 PS3 hit, is finally on PC  PC Gamer

thatgamecompany's Flower is now available on Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store.

PS4's Free PlayStation Plus Games For October Revealed  GameSpot

Sony has pulled back the curtain on what games PS Plus members with a PS4, PS3, or PS Vita can download for free in October 2018.

PS Plus free games WARNING: Final chance to grab these PlayStation Plus releases  Express

PS PLUS free games are about to undergo a big change, as Sony scraps PS3 and Vita releases.

Sony shutting down PS3 servers for Warhawk, Twisted Metal, PlayStation All-Stars  VG247

Sony has announced another round of server shutdowns for three PlayStation 3 games. Starting October 25, servers for Warhawk, Twisted Metal, and ...

DF Retro: Killzone 2 ten years on - a PS3 showcase that still looks stunning today

The road to Killzone 2 was almost certainly a difficult one fraught with unrealistic expectations defined by its infamous E3 2005 pre-rendered trailer - but despite ...

A Look Back at Sony's Overblown PlayStation 3 Promises  Wired

As we get ready for Sony's big announcement Wednesday evening, let's take a look back at the promises it made in 2005 and 2006 prior to the launch of ...

Sony Released Its Playstation Classic Console In A Way That Makes It Eminently Hackable  Techdirt

Gamers of a certain age will be very familiar with the insanity from roughly 2010 that was Sony's reaction to having its Playstation 3 console hacked to return ...

Every PS4, PS3 and Vita game you can download for free in September  BGR

In what might be the most top-heavy lineup in the history of the PlayStation Plus free games program, Sony is giving everyone with a PS Plus subscription a free ...

FIFA 19: The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions have no features but cost an arm and a leg  Dream Team FC

People are still playing FIFA on the Xbox 360 and PS3? Yes, apparently some people are still using old generation consoles to get in a few games of FIFA.

If You Ever Owned a PS3, Sony Might Owe You $65  Lifehacker

If you purchased the first version of Sony's PlayStation 3, then you might be entitled to some cash.

Sony agrees to pay millions to gamers to settle PS3 Linux debacle  Ars Technica

After six years of litigation, Sony is now agreeing to pay the price for its 2010 firmware update that removed support for the Linux operating system in the ...

Gran Turismo maker calls PlayStation 3 development a “nightmare”  Ars Technica

If you were reading Ars about a decade ago, you may remember our extensive coverage of the baffling architecture behind the PlayStation 3's unique Cell ...

If You Own An Original PlayStation 3, You May Be Owed Some Money  Simplemost

If you owned one of the original PlayStation 3 “phat” consoles that were released back in 2006, you may be owed some money. reports that the ...

PS3 System Update 4.84 Released, Happy Valentines Day!  Pure PlayStation

There's a brand new firmware update out today for the PS3 and it's system update 4.84. And it's releasing on Valentine's Day of all days. Could it be the firmware ...

PS4 games SHOCK: PS3 backwards compatibility surprise, could it be revealed TODAY?  Express

PS4 fans are gearing up for the PlayStation E3 2018 event today - and Sony are rumoured to be working on a new PS3 backwards compatibility feature.

PlayStation 3 emulator adds 4K support — the results are stunning  Polygon

Demon's Souls, Catherine and Ni no Kuni look sharper than ever.

PS5: Release Date, Price, Specs, and Features for Sony's Next Powerhouse  Inverse

The PS5 will try to set a new bar for console gaming with graphical capabilities that rival expensive PC rigs, and may come with a companion VR headset.

PS Plus March 2019 COUNTDOWN: Free PS4 games, PlayStation Plus release time, PS3 ALERT  Express

PS Plus March 2019 line-up is going live today with brand new free PS4 games set to become available for PlayStation Plus fans.

How to use a PS3 controller on PC  PC Gamer

The Playstation 3's controller, the Dualshock 3, isn't the easiest pad to get working on the PC. So why bother when it's so much easier to use an Xbox controller ...

Minecraft's next update is the last for Wii U, Vita, PS3, Xbox 360

Update Aquatic, the next big *content* drop for Minecraft, will be the last to arrive on older console platforms. After this, Microsoft will no longer update the game's ...

PS5 Won’t Forget PlayStation 3 Mistakes, Sony Promises  Gamepur

Transitions between one gen and the other have always been very delicate moments that have had an impact on shaping the view of platform holders for years ...

Old console, new tricks: Getting the most out of your PS3  Engadget

Already paid up for Sony's PlayStation 4? Or are you waiting on a certain blockbuster title before you make the move to the next gen? We don't blame you. Howe ...

New PS3 4.83 Update Released, Removes PS3Xploit Vulnerability  SegmentNext

Sony has released PS3 4.83 update. The new update is very small and most probably it removes PS3Xploit Vulnerability or has to do something with PSN.

PlayStation Now game streaming to be discontinued on PS3, smart TVs, and more  The Verge

Starting this summer the PlayStation Now game streaming *service* will only be available on PlayStation 4 and PC. Today Sony announced that it will be ...

WWE Network app will no longer work on PS3, XBox 360, Windows 10 Desktop, Amazon Fire Tablets, and other older devices  Wrestling News

WWE issued the following email alert for WWE Network subscribers: Our goal is always to provide you with the best possible viewing experience on WWE ...

Why the PS3 Is the Best Set-Top Box - PS3 Set-Top Box  Tom's Guide

Amazon's Fire TV is just the latest device in an increasingly crowded market for set-top boxes. The Fire TV, like the Roku, Chromecast and Apple TV before it, ...

The best PS3 games of all time  GamesRadar

It might have been eclipsed by the success of the PS4, but the list of the best PS3 games is quite something to behold. Life started off pretty poorly for Sony's third ...

Take-Two Abandons Trademark for Unreleased PlayStation 3 Exclusive Agent  DualShockers

Despite what the featured image might say, we highly doubt Rockstar and Take-Two's Agent is coming anytime soon, especially to the PS3.


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